Residential Solar


You Can Own SOLAR POWER with $ 0 Down! and Stop the Ever-Increasing Electric Rates!

  • Install for FREE!
  • Finance with as Low as 2.99% interest!
  • Enjoy 30% Federal Tax Credit & Incentive!
  • Let the Electric Saving Pay for itself!
  • Select from Top-Quality Panels & Top-Efficiency Inverters!

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“Designing and installing solar systems isn’t necessarily about selling what can be done cheap, but is a technical insight with a conviction to bring the most optimum energyand financial benefit for customers. Our expertise grew out of 15 years of engineering teamwork, and now with our financing partners, we will bring you the best program there is under the sun.” James Chun, senior solar engineer

Why Go Solar?

People have different reasons, but here are a few:

  • Save Money on Electric Bill.
    • Electric bill has increased in the average of 6% every year and it is expected to increase even more.
    • Your utility company charges you more as you consume more by tier structure. Most consumers carry tier 4 or 5. Solar system will bring it down to at least tier 2, chopping off the higher rates.
    • There is absolutely NO upfront cost, and your monthly payment will be less than what you are already paying for the bill. YOU CAN’T LOSE!
  • It is actually profitable if you do it right
    • Choosing the most economic financing and still taking advantage of federal tax credit & incentive as an owner will create a lot more profit than any giant solar companies would offer.   We will show you how this can be done.
  • Help the environment
    • You are promoting a model of sustainable lifestyle by creating clean energy and reducing carbon footprint.


How Solar Economics Work

  • $ 0 Down Payment
    • $ 0 Down Payment can mean various types of financing. It is important that you understand how solar financing works. We also provide $ 0 Down Payment, but wait, not all $ 0 Down Payment offerings are the same.
  • Should you own or lease?
    • Years ago, due to high cost of solar panels, consumers felt financial burden to overcome the system cost. As a result, many financing companies came up with “lease” options to take away the upfront cost and many consumers indeed took the advantage of no upfront payment but in turn had to take the long journey of leasing for 20 years, although their payments already paid back the system cost but had to meet financiers’ expectation for the investment put in.
    • Not only that, lease programs take away the ownership of the system allowing 30% tax credit and rebates to go to financing companies.
    • Now, there is a way that offers No Upfront Cost and yet you can be the owner of the solar system, taking advantage of all the tax credit and rebates.   You will have positive cash flow from day one. Our financial offerings can be custom-tailored to meet your situation. You will be surprised of how specifically our loans are structured to satisfy the needs for solar purchase.
    • Our energy consultants will be glad to explain all the details. You will be glad you made the right decision.
  • Enjoy the profit over the lifetime of solar system.
    • Solar system has longevity of at least 25 years to 30 years. Panels come with 25 years of manufacturers’ limited warranty, and Accend Energy offers 10 years of workmanship warranty.
    • You will have saved tens of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the system.
    • Your house property value goes up with your solar system. National Renewable Energy Laboratory offers a research report that, for every $1 saving in electric bill $20 is added to your property value. This is a great negotiating power!

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Why Accend Energy?

Our leadership group grew out of working together over the last 15 years, establishing expertise and gaining trust from our clients. Our engineers come from various expertise, such as power optimization engineering, motors, variable frequency drives, efficient lighting, chillers, combined heat & power, not to mention solar photovoltaic and solar thermal heating. Not only we are solar experts but also are power experts.

Our solar department is headed by two senior electrical engineers, and every task such as solar design, drawing, plan check, permitting, installation, commissioning and monitoring is carried out by in-house staff. Most of our clients come from our other previous services rendered by us, and they know we would consistently provide expert services to them.

We also provide state-of-the-art solar panels, such as SunPower, Kyocera, and Solarwordl. On top of these we make the most optimum system by adding SolarEdge optimizer and Solaredge inverter to increase productivity and efficiency.   For more details, please go to

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Typical Case Study

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Anaheim, CA
Solar System: 4.6 kW DC with 18 Solarworld panels and SolarEdge Optimizers/Inverter
Previous Electric Bill: $ 158/month            New Electric Bill: $7
Monthly financing Payment: $125/month for 12 years
Production level: 100% of the total consumption
Warranty: 25 years of solar panel &SolarEdge optimizers/inverter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


  1. If I install solar system on my roof, can I use electricity as much as I want?

Not exactly. The system is designed to meet your average consumption. When you consume more than what is produced your electric bill from the utility will simply go up. If the system produces more than your consumption you will likely get credit from the utility at the end of the year.

  1. How does solar system help reduce electric bill?

First of all, you are generating your own power, and you are not depending on the utility as much.   But there is more. Most consumers’ bills are tied to not only tier 1 rate but up to tier 5, 5 being the most expensive. The more you spend, the more utility charges you. By installing solar power we aim to bring down your bill structure to at least tier 2. This will drastically cut off the higher rates. Another truth is that the utility also charges you the most expensive rate by peak demand structure, afternoon being the most expensive. But as you guessed, solar produces the most during that period, and if no one is at home, all the power produced by solar system will be sent back to the grid for rather credit with such high rate. You can actually make profit utilizing its structure.

  1. What are rebates and how do I take the benefit?

Rebates (incentives) come from California Energy Commission through utility companies. Rebate amounts vary depending on the city you live in. Accend Energy will process all the documents and data for you to receive them. It takes quite a few pages of information and data collection to process, and this cannot be done by consumers without training.

  1. How do I take the 30% Federal Tax Credit?

Please consult with your CPA for more expertise. You would ask your CPA to pursue this credit for the year in which solar installation took place. In other words, you would file for tax credit in the next year.   By the way, another good news, is that our financing will loan you for the same amount of this credit with zero interest until 18 months after the installation. This allows you to finance only 70% portion of the total project. After receiving the tax credit you can simply pay back to the financing company within 18 months.

  1. Should I purchase or lease?

This is really a good question. Investment wise, it is always the best to purchase if you have cash reserved. You are free from any financing fees. But in reality, many people would like to avoid upfront costs.

Lease: This means someone else owns the system and you are renting it, usually for 20 years

Since someone takes the ownership you don’t need to worry about maintenance. The financing company will make sure the system runs during the term of 20 years. Downside of Lease is that the term may be unnecessarily long for you. Remember, you are paying interests as well during the term. Another loss is that because you are not the owner, the financing company takes the benefit of rebates and 30% federal tax credit.

Solar Financing: The solar financing Accend Energy connects you with are better tailored to your needs, therefore, making your payment suitable for terms and rate. 30% of the total cost will be loaned to you with zero interest as long as you pay back within 18 months with the tax credit you would have received by then. For the 70% loan we will introduce the lowest interest rate with the flexible term that is most adequate for you. Remember, you own the 30% federal tax credit and utility rebates, as well as the system.

  1. What is Micro-Inverter and how is that different from SolarEdge optimizer?

Simply put, micro-inverter allows DC to AC conversion at each panel location instead of one large inverter location near the power service panel. Enphase Micro-Inverter is widely known and in fact, it has dominated about 80% of residential market in recent years.

However, Accend Energy sees another emerging technology, namely Solaredge Power Optimizer.

This is similar to Enphase, but this actually has more benefits in terms of productivity, performance and installation. 25 years of internet monitoring comes free of charge, whereas other do not. Solaredge picks up more sun energy in less sunny conditions.   Please see

All these are state-of-the-art technologies. They allow putting solar panels at various angle and location, and even tolerate shading, unlike traditional arrangement that is detrimentally effected by shading.

  1. What happens if I end up selling my house in the middle of solar loan?

All loans are transferable.

  1. Does solar system break down often? Are there any maintenance I need to do on a regular basis?

Solar systems do not require no or minimum maintenance. You may want to water down the panels once in a blue moon to make sure there is no leaves on the panel. Panels do last long like 30 years or longer. Inverters last about 15 years.