Reduce Your Water Bill

Water Flow Control Valve’s patented Variable Flow Control process eliminates excessive consumption and water meter errors.


Smart Design, Smart Money

The Water Flow Control Valve was created to resolve the inefficiencies inherent in water delivery and consumption. Our patented and NSF certified process takes established principals of fluid dynamics and applies them in a new and financially rewarding application.

Is there air in my water? Am I paying for it?

In the volume of water passing through your water meter, there is also a volume of air, and your water meter can’t tell the difference! To measure water consumption, the most common water meters use a method known as Positive Displacement. This method is not limited to water: it measures the total volume of both water and air.

How does the Water Flow Control Valve work?

The Water Flow Control Valve compresses air, eliminating its volume before it reaches the water meter—the meter no longer measures it!

Our product works on single-jet, multi-jet and turbine category positive displacement meters.

These make up over 98% of all water meters in use.


Valves are available in all standard plumbing sizes with customization available.

Customers that would Benefit from WFC Valve

  • Water Parks
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Apartment Buildings/Condominiums
  • Schools/Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Car Washes
  • Assisted Living
  • Prisons
  • Country Clubs
  • Dyeing Companies
  • Any High Water User


The Water Flow Control Valve is designed to be installed in an existing pipe joint on the USER side of the water meter. The valve is made in flanged and threaded configurations according to your system design. Installation should be performed by a licensed plumber.Water Flow Control Valve is a ‘Set it and Forget it’ device. No maintenance, no operational costs and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Customer Case Study

Property: Vista Del Sol HOA

Property Location: Rancho Mirage

Property Description: Landscape Irrigation

Reduction Percentage: 32%

Annual Gallons Saved: 2,950,000 [748 gal/ccf ] Dollars Saved: $4,400*