Guaranteed Result with Monitoring

Power Management & Internet Accessibility
“Spider” is a powerful electrical energy Monitoring and Analysis Program. This innovative system provides power analysis and energy consumption analysis in real time. Utilizing complex analysis and algorithms, “Spider” program provides real time savings analysis, master level and each sub-panel level.

Our “SPIDER” Program interfaces with the CAT5 connection to provide the wireless ability to see your actual electric consumption real-time as well as historical kW, KVA, KVAR, voltage, demand savings, amps, temperature, imbalances, THD, power factor through Web Access.


Sensor Perfect Interface Data Extraction Routine

With an innovative Dashboard “Tool Box”, SPIDER™ technology provides detailed visibility of electrical usage on key elements that impact cost.

  • Easily track your savings
  • Stores 2 years of downloadable critical electrical information
  • Provides detailed visibility of electrical usage on key elements that impact cost
  • Pinpoints, corrects and reports patterns and anomalies and addresses areas of waste
  • Stores up unlimited historical data on your desktop for data acquisition and process management, plus an integrated UPS for clock and data protection…and much more!
  • Can be accessed via internet remotely from any place in the world
  • View 12 discreet measurements being measured – monitored and corrected—real time 24/7
  • Ability to download information for decision making to Excel Spreadsheet or Word Doc format for any given time frame for individual units or all units simultaneously
  • View actual savings on line—real time 24/7