Key Factors Affecting Power

Problem Areas: Since all electrical equipments are interconnected through 3-phase power that enters a facility, various electrical equipments connected to those circuits generate and feedback distortions throughout the facility’s internal electrical power grid generating reduced electrical efficiencies/losses resulting in unnecessary electricity cost to building owners.

Voltage & Current Imbalance: Imbalance is a function of phase–to-phase loading within a given commercial and/or industrial facility. This imbalance negatively affects equipment and increases electricity costs.

Harmonic Distortion: Harmonic Distortion is a negative effect that distorts alternating current (AC) within commercial and/or industrial facilities. Harmonic distortions are generated by power devices with non-linear loads such as variable speed drives, switching power supplies, etc.

Poor Power Factor: Power factor is a measure of efficiency of utilization of electrical power within a given facility. Motors generate reduced power factors within commercial and/or industrial facilities resulting in increased electricity costs.

Neutral Line Currents: Generated by power imbalance, neutral line currents are direct power losses that increase a facilities’ electric bill. Motor Wear: Facilities benefits- where are the loads changing and what is it doing to my costs…?