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Upgrading your lighting fixture is the easiest way to reduce the energy consumption of your properties. US EPA’s research result proves that retrofitting lighting fixture saves 30% to 50%; varies by fixture type and consumption level. And it also reduces the usage of cooling energy by 10% to 20% because the lighting fixture emits much lesser heat.

Accend Energy, a contributor in innovating lighting industry in California for more than 16 years, can help you to make the best choice of your lighting needs. We cater contractors with their needs for good quality LED Bulbs and Fixtures at a very competitive pricing, while our lighting professionals would provide customized Energy Saving Analysis based on End User’s current lighting fixtures through its sub-division.

Maximize your cost savings/return on investment and take advantage of your utility company’s energy saving rebate programs! We have served California property owners and managers to reduce energy bill and maintenance cost by providing excellent warranty on parts and labor (varies by programs) as well as after-market services.

By participating in our Lighting Upgrade & Retrofit Program, you receive:

  • Full-Service Lighting Energy Saving Analysis
  • Lighting Efficiency Consulting
  • Lighting Retrofit Design
  • Utility Rebate Procurement
  • Lighting Installation
  • Recycling service for debris & waste