imgportfolio7Accend Energy started out with a simple linear fluorescent lamps resale business back in 1990’s. And, because of the owner’s uncompromising vision to become an energy service company, not to mention his bold leadership and caring for his employees, skillful and experienced people were willing to contribute to the growth of the company as themselves were growing together, at the same time identifying the unlimited potentials for the company to bring benefits to business world and environment. Accend Energy has grown over the decade to be a forerunner in energy efficiency integrated management and renewable energy.

Accend Energy’s expertise lie in bringing integrated energy efficiency solutions tailored to commercial properties, such as hotel/motels, office buildings, warehouses, schools, municipal buildings, hospitals, and many other types of properties including multifamily dwelling units, condos, and mobile homes. We are also committed to bringing the same level of efficiency measures for residential houses as well.

Accend Energy is up-to-date with various electrical, water, and gas rebate programs in northern and southern California. Accend Energy has been working with power utility companies, such as Southern California Edison, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Pacific Gas & Electric, and San Diego Gas & Electric, and participated in their energy efficiency rebate programs, such as Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (MEERP), Express Efficiency Program, and Commercial Lighting Efficiency Offer (CLEO). Accend Energy also has been playing a significant role retrofitting high efficiency toilets with Metropolitan Water Districts’ (MWD) “Save-Water, Save-A-Water” program.